Design Service

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Determine Workflow.

Different artists use their website in different ways. Some artists prefer to reblog relevant content. Other artists post specific updates. Still others post through instagram. The way an artist uses the site, determines layout, and post display options.

Connect Top Navigation.

The top navigation is very versatile. Tag-aggregations, Redirects, and links to additional Custom Pages need to be created up front. Getting this right off the bat will make the rest of the design process much easier.

3rd Party Integrations.

Redirecting Top Nav links, adding a facebook likebox in the footer, connecting twitter to show recent tweets, and adding all pertinent social profile links in the sidebar allow you to reach your fans wherever they are.

Select Color Palette.

Although selecting the custom colors seems like the least amount of work, it is often the most important. Harsh text contrast and poorly matched color combinations are the main reason many users choose to leave a website.

Design Header.

For many artists this will be a matter of logo location and proper sizing; however, seamless headers that blend into backgrounds, and larger headers that promote additional items are also valuable options to consider.

Design Background.

Whether you want to promote a new release, or use the same color as the theme body to create a floating aesthetic, or overlay a texture that gives your site some character, the background often sets the whole thing off.

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